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Unlocking the Power of Hypnosis: Groundbreaking Research Revelations

December 15, 20232 min read

“Hypnosis is not a miracle, but a doorway to the vast potential of the human mind, a gateway to a richer, more empowered life”

- Milton Erickson, American psychiatrist and psychologist specializing in medical hypnosis

Welcome to a journey into the realm of the mind. Today, we're not just talking about hypnosis – we're diving deep into its profound impact backed by science. You see, hypnosis isn't just a stage act; it's a tool of transformation, a bridge to a better self. Let's explore some compelling research that reveals just how powerful hypnosis can be and just a few of the issues it is super effective at addressing.

Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

  • Research:

    • Summary: Hypnosis proved effective in weight loss, with participants losing more weight than 94% of control participants.

    • Details: Hypnosis and Weight Loss Study

General Hypnosis Efficacy

  • Research:

Hypnosis for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

  • Research:

    • Summary: Studies show hypnotherapy as highly efficacious in reducing symptoms of IBS in adults and children.

    • Details: Hypnosis for IBS

Hypnosis for Pain Relief

  • Research:

    • Summary: Hypnosis has shown significant impact on both acute and chronic pain conditions.

    • Details: Hypnosis for Pain Relief

Hypnosis for Self-Esteem

  • Research:

    • Summary: Self-hypnosis audio tapes significantly improved self-esteem and serenity in individuals.

    • Details: Hypnosis and Self-Esteem

Hypnosis for Anxiety

  • Research:

    • Summary: Meta-analysis shows hypnosis as an effective treatment for reducing symptoms of anxiety.

    • Details: Hypnosis for Anxiety

"And there you have it – the undeniable power of hypnosis, illuminated by the light of research. It’s more than a technique; it's a pathway to wellness, a means to unlock the potential that resides within each of us. I encourage you to reflect on these findings, to consider the possibilities they hold for you and those you may help. Share your thoughts, experiences, and insights in the comments. Your journey towards transformation is just a thought away. Remember, the mind is the greatest healer of all. Keep following for more insights into the transformative world of hypnotherapy.

A visual representation of the transformative power of hypnosis, capturing the essence of unlocking the mind's potential through symbolic elements. This thought-provoking and inspirational visualization aligns with the themes of empowerment, rejuvenation, and mental wellness

Evan Baumgardner

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I recently had the honor of being a guest on the Work Smart Hypnosis Podcast with Jason Linett where I got to share some of my story about how I became a hypnotist, my perspectives on hypnotic change work and why I believe that difficult situations we find ourselves in aren't problems but opportunities for change, growth, and personal transformation.


My Story


In the beginning

For far too long, I had a bad case of the "sposetas." I was living my life based on what I thought I was "sposeta" do, and not living for myself. When there is a conflict between the emotional and logical mind, the emotional mind will always win. This is when I first started struggling with anxiety - because I wasn't living my life in a way that was authentic to myself. So I changed, and I thought I had those old anxiety issues under control until...


And then..

In 2014, I had Bell's palsy, and things never went back to normal. I had basically given up on life. My anxiety went through the roof and I would have constant panic attacks any time I went out in public, so I quit going out. I barely ever saw my friends, became agoraphobic, and gained a ton of weight. Which of course made everything much worse! I didn’t just lose all hope - I lost myself.


My Breakthrough

I knew that wasn't who I was, and eventually enough was enough. I was determined to take back control of my life, and no longer be a prisoner of anxiety. That is how I discovered hypnosis. Thanks to hypnosis, I was able to take back control of my life and not only regain my confidence - but dramatically increase it. Now, the very idea of having a panic attack is as foreign to me as it was before I ever even heard of the term let alone experienced one.


Why I Do What I Do

I became a hypnotist because nobody should have to go through what I did on my journey. And if there is a silver lining to it then that is I can use the wisdom I gained to give others the tools they need to keep growing and succeeding - so I can help others free themselves from whatever old stories they've been telling themselves that kept them stuck. Nobody should have to go through what I did and I want the world to know that nobody has to.


We are all not that different

Use this section to address concerns someone might have about YOU - which they think makes you unique, special, or have super powers? Explain to them that you are just a person. You are human just like them and if YOU can do it, so can they. It doesn't take magic or mystical wisdom to achieve success and victory.

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